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Filling the void

Posted by Thirsk on March 27, 2010 at 8:51 AM

Eversince completing Final Fantasy XIII on the Playstation, I've been knackered about what next to do. I could have easily inserted a new game into the PS (still have Demon's Souls and Dragon Age untouched) but the thought of conceding another week or two to games put me off. Not that a week was so bad, but being addicted to a game shortly before an exam was the worst thing I could do. That, and also because I've already been in front of the tele too much. :dry:

So I was left to find entertainment in another fashion. I resorted to movies. I watched all 6 Rocky flicks in two nights. I say nights because that was exactly what they were. I must have been crazy to start watching the first Rocky movie at 10pm at night, and even more so to continue onto the sequel shortly after midnight...and perhaps being just a notch short of lunacy for watching the 3rd right after. That, multiplied by two because I just repeated the whole damn thing on the next night - watching the last three Rocky's in succession.

So that was two nights of madness accounted for, lol.

I'll probably have to fast forward a bit just to make things interesting. I went onto a short anime bout after that. There weren't a whole lot of anime I found interesting at this point since I had to scour my whole collection twice over to finally decide on what to watch. I usually don't bother to even watch such animes even bordering "harem" because to me, it's just another cliche where a group of girls flock to a typically nerdy guy. To say nothing of downloading it - I must have been bored out of my mind to resort to this!

Nevertheless, I watched a series called Kannagi, which turned out much better than I expected. It wasn't a harem, thankfully, and there were enough elements to believe there would be a serious storyline to it. Believe, being the correct term. Well, with it's charm and magical hocus-pocus, it got an ok from my standards. Bad anime series I completely ditch after about five episodes.

I then watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, which portrayed a predicted representation of Tokyo being hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 on the Richter Scale. It was one of the best anime series I watched this year - right up there beside Natsume Yujinchou. Perhaps it was because they shared a common tone, serious and mature but light and touching at the same time. I was thoroughly surprised by Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 because by the end of it all, I was empathising with the characters and awash with mixed emotions. If you're reading this, don't just dismiss it without a thought - you have to watch it. It's a very touching story between a young girl and her little brother, caught in the city during the earthquake, and as everything goes to hell in death and destruction, they desperately try to return home to their parents - who quite possibly, might not even be still alive. The character development, which to me is the most important element to a story, is brilliant, and this story sparked the long-lost thrill and excitement I had for writing my zombie novel..

Now onto the heavy stuff. In the past week, I read three fantasy novels, which to me was quite an amazing feat. Who, in this generation and age, even reads books? We've got much too many technologised forms of entertainment to even consider opening a dusty book cover, let alone glancing at one. Well, as I said, I was bored. And I did exhaust my other mediums of entertainment. On one stifling hot day when I jogged and sprinted for 2 and a half hours, I found my mind unable to find peace in the world of games. When I usually would be delighted to play an RPG on the PS, I just sat there half-brain-dead, wondering if my mind was really playing tricks on me, or was I really bored of games all this time after all? Surely not, I later realised. I was just so beyond physical exhaustion that it bogged my mind down also. So with no mood for games, and no exciting movies/anime to watch, I looked at the one place I would never had dared to venture on a normal day - the bookshelf.

I picked up a book that I had started a while back but failed to complete. Sasha by Joel Shepherd. The bookmark was only a quarter through. I recalled throwing in the bookmark after reading mindlessly through to no satisfaction - the worst thing was to find out later on that I stopped right before it started getting good! I blamed the author for his slow pace, but later blamed myself for my impatience. I read the rest of the book in a little more than a day. When it ended on a half-cliffhanger, I decided that I must read the next two or I'd surely go mad. Well, it turned out to be quite a shock to discover that it wasn't a trilogy like most fantasy novels are, but a quartet instead. Also, they only had the second volume in the paperback version whereas the third volume was in a tray-size paperback edition. I settled for the 2nd novel and thought to seek out a smaller sized book for the 3rd volume elsewhere. I read the 2nd in one and a half days, and cursed myself for having not bought the 3rd book. The 3rd was only available in that format, whilst the 4th was still coming out. So I had to venture to the shops a second time (20 mins drive one way was bad enough for me!) just to get that 3rd book, tray-size format and all.

I finished the book just an hour ago. Not as great as the first, but that's just to be expected with stories. The original is usually the best. It's just too bad how I have to wait till September 2010 before the next and final volume to the series comes out. Till then, I've got a couple more options to fill the void; finish an anime I started watching, play a bit more Civil War Generals 2, or move onto reading a new series of books by one of my fav authors...hmm..only time will tell.

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Reply Thirsk
12:39 AM on May 25, 2010 
Hero says...
resorted to books ? (wide mouth ~ gasp ...) and i can't believe you got dragon age and demon's soul in your collection of PS3 games, if only i have a ps3 [IMAGE] i'm in the mood for an RPG adventure.

a thought just popped into my head about how we put the "an" in front of RPG, i mean shouldn't it be "a" since RPG is does not start with a vow ?

boring question's aside, hows life [IMAGE] these days we need an update buddy !

Haha, yea it's been just way too long since I've last updated this site. I've been up to quite alot lately, such as exams, cs programming, working out, ps3 gaming, dota gaming, reading books, and watching movies and anime - I'll probably have to write up another entry about it soon.

Sure feels a little nostalgic being here though. All I really accomplished whilst working on this website were the gaming pages so this is hardly a complete website. Now at this point in time, I can only imagine what it'd be like with this site bustling with life - with frequent forum posters, plentiful of members and comments, and a whole lot more pages dedicated to fanfic, art or any popular culture *sighs*

Hmm, putting "a" in front of RPG, to me just doesn't feel right. Although, you do have a point since the letter "R" is a consonant.

Well I'm no expert with the written language so I generally write it the way it sounds most natural, like saying, "a role-playing game" or "an RPG". When spoken, the abbreviation "RPG" is pronunciated as "ah-pee-gee", so the "ah" is probably what got me thinking it should be treated as a vowel.
Ahh geez, just thinking about it gives me a headache. This is like a catch 22 of semantics =/
Reply Hero
8:30 AM on April 29, 2010 
resorted to books ? (wide mouth ~ gasp ...) and i can't believe you got dragon age and demon's soul in your collection of PS3 games, if only i have a ps3 :( i'm in the mood for an RPG adventure.

a thought just popped into my head about how we put the "an" in front of RPG, i mean shouldn't it be "a" since RPG is does not start with a vow ?

boring question's aside, hows life :D these days we need an update buddy !