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Trip down memory lane

Posted by Thirsk on May 25, 2010 at 12:48 AM

My last blog entry, "Filling the void", was posted on the 27th of March, 2010...that means that two months have literally swept by :|

"So what's this one all about?" you're probably wondering. Actually, I've not a clue. I was hoping you could tell me..haha. Oh well, it was worth a try ;). I might as well use this empty space as a trip down memory lane; a secret stash of all the activities undertaken during my leisure time (not that it's all that secret now but what the hell, lol).

So as I brainstorm two months back into the abyss, it seems that anime has taken up a major portion of my time. Seeing that there's so many, I'll just include a brief comment along with each to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I finished watching the following series:


- About a junior high girl extremely gifted in mahjong but really painful to watch! Avoid at all costs! Just stick with Hikaru no Go!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

- Follows the lives of a group of girls in an academic city of people gifted with superpowers. Best viewed for action and yuri. One of the better animes I've seen this year.

Sora no Woto

- A military-like version of K-On, where tradition and local myth requires a small squad of girls  to defend an outpost and adjoining city near the enemy border. Hmm, not bad at all. If you like K-On, you'll probably like this. Just don't expect much action here though.

Lucky Star & OVA

- Perhaps has the most moe/cuteness you can find in an anime. A slice-of-life anime revolving around a short high school girl who has no hobbies other than online rpgs and anime. Very funny and cute series. A recommended watch.

Wolf and Spice 1,2

- I guess this one would appeal most to those with an intrigue in romance against the backdrop of medieval politics and economy. Very nice romance between two admirable lead characters on their journeys together - an ordinary merchant and a fox goddess.

Eve no Jikan

- A short series taking place in the near-future, where artificial ai has been created in the form of robots to serve in human society. Of course, the kicker is that the AI are slowly developing their own conscience and agenda, like in the movie iRobot (starring Will Smith); however, it is more of a drama than an action series.

Darker than Black & Gemini of the Meteor

- The Darker than Black series was great overall, even if I felt it fell a bit short of my expectations. It is an action-packed series about a syndicate war between magic-wielders in a modern day society. This deserves to be in my "favourite anime shows of the year" list, besides Natsume yujinchou, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, and Lucky Star.


I've also watched quite a deal of movies but by now, I have to admit I'm getting a bit lazy to add in any comments! I'll just have to keep it real short to the point where I'll tell you which a worth watching :)

Boondock Saints

- Hmm, an unusual pair of Irish gun-toting vigilantes. Just a bit too weird for me.


- You'd think that this B-grade movie would be a complete flop but it really isn't so bad. Has a few familiar faces from tv series like Prison Break and Jericho, as well as Morpheus from the Matrix! I've been really reluctant to watch this for several months but when I finally did watch it, it was a pleasant surprise. Some great suspense and action inside. Worthy of a watch.


- Starring Gerald Butler who was King Leonidas in the epic spartan movie 300. This has some great visual effects (in computer interfaces like in Minority Report or action scenes) and an interesting storyline. Nothing as epic as watching 300 though but this is still watch-worthy.

Species 1,2,3

- I must have been completed bored. Yes, actually I was. I'm sure I've watched one or two of these before in my youth but having forgotten them, I was curious to re-watch them. Let's just say that the 1st movie was "okay"...the other two were just hideous like all those numerous Anaconda dupes out there.

The Road

- If you're wondering what an apocalyptic future looks like where 90% of the world's population has been eradicated in some freak-nuclear war, this is it. Bleak, bleak and bleak.

I felt rather miserable watching this show since it was dark and dreary but I really persevered in hope to see that the small boy and his father would survive their journey to the coastline, with nothing more than a trolley and a half-empty pistol. To my surprise, it scored quite a high 7.6/10 on IMDB. Is it because it stars Viggo Mortensen from the Lord of the Rings? See for yourself. A decent view.

Clash of the Titans

- I watched the new remake starring Sam Worthington (Terminator: New Salvation) but with all the great computerised effects, I believe that the original 1981 movie was still much better. After viewing it in the cinema, I quickly rewatched the 1981 version and it only confirmed my belief. What do you think? Nevertheless, the remake is still a worthwhile movie.

UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights, 1, 109, 110, 111

- Haha, I've just been getting more and more sucked into this rapidly growing sport called the Ultimate Fighting Championship, abbreviated as UFC. I guess it's partially due to my dad, who has a love for anything martial arts.

Well this is a mixed martial arts tournament with Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although there used to be more like Savate and Sumo-Wrestling. Can get rather bloody because it's essentially cage-fighting but I think that's one of it's selling points. Doesn't the sight of it get your blood pumping? Or am I just going psycho? :/ I guess we haven't completely progressed from the Colosseum shows from Ancient Roman times..

*Deep sigh of relief* Yep, that's all the stuff I watched. I've also read a fair deal of Berserk manga since I was relatively bored.

In my time spent with friends, we usually end up playing DOTA or Counter-strike.

Oh yea, I did even update my CS-Zombie mod to version 1.5. It's ridiculous how much time I spent designing, programming and playtesting that game but it was a grand satisfaction at the end of it all.

I mean, remember the original Counterstrike 1.6 and how you had but four character models to choose from on the Terrorist and Counter-terrorist side? Well, in my Survivors vs Zombies mod, you get to choose from 22 Survivors and 22 Zombies! Each with accompanying pictures and description. Anyhow, that's me getting carried away. Will update that CS-Z page later (someday!)

And finally, I also spent a week or two (41 hours and 30 mins) playing Dragon Age on the PS3. The storyline, character development and fantasy-like environment is usually all that I look for in RPGS and although this one did have alot of fantasy lore and a lengthy storyline, it was the combat system and over-abundance of monsters that slightly dimmed my experience.

Geez, what is it with RPGs and their over-abundance of monsters. Don't they know how much I dislike hack 'n slash games? :( There is still quite a bit of fun whilst playing this game but near the end of it all, I was simply playing to complete the game (to the point of lowering the difficulty to a mere "casual")

Anyhow, it seems I've overdone it again =/

To end it in good fashion - next week, I'll be on an "Around-the-world" tour, visiting America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Singapore (and a whole lot more I can't remember!). So it'll be a while before my next entry. Until then, adios! :D

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