Age of Wonders


In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.


War is coming. While the citizens of the kingdom flee in seek of refuge, only you and your loyal band of warriors stand your ground. But how will you set the defenses?

Will you spend all your time and resources on upgrading the city walls?

Or will you train more soldiers? And if so, what type of soldiers? Swordsmen? Pikemen? Archers?

What kind of forces is the enemy sending? Mass Cavalry? Battering Rams? Will you need to build a catapult or ballista?


Age of Wonders is a turn-based strategy game set in a medieval-fantasy age. To win, you must vanquish your enemies and conquer their lands. However, that is much easier said than done, for a single mistake in command can cost you your kingdom. But fear not, for it is he who makes the fewest mistakes who is the greatest general.

Looking over all of them from here, it makes me think that I can see...all their little dreams and hopes...flickering in each a bonfire of dreams...

As a general, you control the lives of your men. Your actions decide which man lives and which man dies. By your very actions, you can lead your armies to victory or just as readily lead them to peril.

Death is only the beginning

This is a world of heroes, men and monsters, magic and machines. Through countless battles, soldiers can rise in the ranks and more readily hold his own - even in the face of a hundred men.

Only the strongest warriors remain in the heat of battle

Castles are made to be conquered. They are also the key to victory in Age of Wonders. Castles provide the bulk of your kingdom's income, covering the upkeep of your armies, whilst healing the wounded and sheltering them from harm.

To raise a large army, one must turn to his/her castles

Provided you have enough coppers in your treasury, heroes may from time to time offer their services in exchange for gold. Unlike mere soldiers, they are not capped at a certain level of veterancy and will continue to level up interminably. They are also capable of learning new combat abilities and spells, which makes heroes one of the most powerful units in the game. Protect them well.

Heroes and Heroines are just as important as your castles

Unlike what humans like to believe, they are but the lowest species in the food chain. In this world, hushed rumours and hearsay hint of the existance of Demons and Monsters, yet none have lived to tell the true tale.

Do not fear the enemy's soldiers; fear their demons

You need not fight your battles alone, however, as you may forge alliances and offer peace with any of the eleven other races through the acts of diplomacy. But every action you make through diplomacy has strong repercussions. You may ally with a single race only to find that you have made several new enemies.

Play your diplomatic relations well lest you wish to condemn your kingdom to ruin

Sieging a castle may cost you many lives but the vast rewards gained can more than justify. Be sure to bring along enough siege weapons eg. battering ram, catapults, cannons, wall-climbing or flying creatures.

Even the largest strongholds can be overrun in Age of Wonders

Crypts, dungeons, caves and ruins lay forgotten through the many ages of civilisation. Within, they may hold great treasure or artefacts of magical properties but are often guarded by monstrocities of the dark.

If you brave the dungeons, make sure you bring enough men


Installation Guide

1. Download my Age of Wonders mod, extract & install

2. Run the shortcut created in the desktop & play!

3. To play online, download GameRanger and either create a game or join others


Official Retail Release Date:

October 25, 1999

(Sadly overshadowed by the earlier release of Heroes of Might & Magic II)


System Requirements:

166 Mhz



350 MB free disk space

(Yea, any computer can pretty much play it! xD)


Tested & Working On:

Windows XP

Single, Dual & Quad Core

Supports high resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080!

(Technically should work using compatibility mode on Vista & Windows 7. The installer has been known to load slowly on Windows 7)


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any viruses or any damage caused to your PC through the incorrect installation or misuse of this program.


Thirsk's History log

v1.2b EE (Jul-Aug '11)

-Added special bonuses to tier 1 veterans
-Buffed specific siege weapons + 1 MARK

1. Dwarven Bombardier
2. Dwarven Ballista
3. Undead Skull Thrower

-Buffed all remaining tier 3 ranged support units

1. Wizard + 2 MP
2. Spider Queen + 1 DEF
3. Priestess + 3 RES
4. Lich + 1 DMG
5. Centaur + 1 MARK
-Fixed descriptions for Fury, Bless
-Fixed name of the Fearlord hero

v1.1 EE (Apr '11)

-Buffed Human Charlatan

- Magic Bolt - Parry
+ Lightning Strike + First Strike + 20 GOLD

-Moved Human Musketeer to Level 2 + 6 GOLD
-Nerfed Halfling Priestess

- 1 DEF - 2 Marksmanship + 2 HP

-Removed Goblin Warlock, Undead Necromancer
-Added 5 new units:

1. Human Wizard
2. Highman Templar
3. Dark Elf Mummy
4. Goblin Werewolf
5. Undead Lich

v1.0 EE (Apr '11)

-Nerfed Human Cavalier - 2 DEF
-Nerfed Elephant - 1 ATK/ - 1 DEF/ + 1 DMG/ - 6 GOLD
-Buffed all units with Wall Climbing or Pass Wall ability (except Undead Wraith)

1. Giant Slug + 1 HP + 2 GOLD
2. Orc Assassin + 1 HP
3. Spider Queen + 1 HP
4. Shadow + 1 HP
5. Rogue + 1 HP

-Buffed all level 3 ranged support units

1. Elf Ranger + 1 HP
2. Avenger + 1 HP
3. Frost Queen + 1 HP
4. Human Charlatan + 1 HP
5. Djinn + 1 HP

-Buffed all level 1 special units (except wolves & elephants)

1. Scorpion +1 HP + 4 GOLD
2. Berserker + 2 MP
3. Spirit Puppet + 1 HP
4. Kobold + 1 HP + 2 GOLD
5. Goblin Bomber + 1 HP
6. Hell Hound + 1 HP
7. Dire Penguin + 1 HP + 9 GOLD (+ 1 HP from v1.4)

v1.4 (Jan '11)

- 52 new heroes
- 57 new hero portraits
- Improved organisation of hero portraits
- Further enhanced hero upgrades
- Reduced mana requirements for all combat spells
- Moved Stoning combat spell to level 1
- Moved Chain Lightning spell to level 2
- Fixed Warlock's Vaporize spell level mistake from 4 to 1

- Various fixes to unit stats:

- Lower-tiered summoned creatures +1 DEF +2 HP
- Flamethrowers and Freezethrowers +4 MP
- White Wolves +1 ATK
- Dire Penguins +1 HP
- Archers -1 HP

v1.3 (Oct '10)

- Utilising Warlock's Ruleset
- Rebalanced unit stats
- Added new units
- Reduced mana upkeep for lower-tier summoned units
- Improved hero survivability
- Enhanced hero upgrades
- Over 70 new hero portraits
- Returned to single castle walls

v1.2 (Mar '09)

- Utilising Tactic mod's counter-units
- Minimal hero survivability
- Halved most spell mana requirements
- Doubled the castle walls
- Added new music

v1.1 (Jan '09)

- Officially patched with Triumph Studios v1.36
- No-CD cracked


- Retail version


The main menu

You may play the campaign, which allows you to play with the forces of good or evil

The Keepers or The Cult of Storms

However, most of the fun lies in skirmish mode, preferably with a friend or two. I recommend playing multiplayer on AOW on GameRanger as it bypasses most of the nitty & gritty configurations required by most online VPNs like Hamachi.

Skirmish mode

There are twelve races in the game: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Azracs, Halflings, Orcs, Lizard Men, Dwarves, Goblins, Frostlings, High Men, & Undead. For the ultimate challenge, set the AI to CPU Emperor and their personalities to Aggressor. For first timers, I recommend setting it on CPU Squire, Normal personality.

Playing Leaders on map means that once your primary hero dies, it is game over. However, the plus side of this setting means that if you manage to kill your enemys' primary hero, it means game over for your enemies! Leaders On is a good option if you prefer to play quick matches.

Best played on settings:

Turns: Simultaneous

Turn Time: No Timer

Turns: No Limit

Leaders on map: No

Customize Leaders: Yes

Allied Victory: Yes

Exploration: Yes

Choose your map, race, win conditions etc.

The next step, provided you ticked the Customize Leader box, is to select your hero's portrait. In my mod, I have added in over 70 new portraits including characters from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Change your Name and click next.

Customize your hero's portrait

The next screen where you can assign your hero's starting skill points only show if you ticked the Leaders On box. Depending on the map chosen, you are given a certain number of skill points for use on your hero. Either increase your hero's base stats and ratings or give your hero new abilities. You may remove any abilities already added on the bottom left panel.

Warrior, Archer or Spellcaster? How about all three!

Lastly, you will want to select which kinds of magic your hero is capable of casting. You may only select up to three different types as the moment you select on one specific sphere, you lose the option to select the sphere on the other side of the magic spectrum. For instance, if your hero specialises in black magic, you cannot hope to wield life magic.

To gain access to the fourth and final tier of spells in a certain sphere of magic, you will need to select four spheres of that magic colour. However, doing so usually leaves you with only three spheres left for a 2nd or 3rd colour, which means you can only partially specialise in that magic type. many choices! I can't decide...

When done customizing your hero, you may begin the game. Turns take place in Days.

And it begins!

At the start of the game, you are prompted to select your spells research. Spells differ in their mana cost and the number of turns required to succesfully research them. You may turn the page via the 'dog-earred' corner of the second page.

The time taken for spell research depends on your mana income. Mana nodes on the strategic map provide mana income and so do your heroes once they gain the 'Spell Casting' ability. You may re-select your research at any time via the Magic tab at the bottom of your screen.

Research and gain access to the most devastating spells

The strategic map allows you to keep track of your armies, castles, mines, guilds and mana nodes. There are also Caverns and Depths to explore, which open up more opportunities for expansion beneath the Surface.

I told you, you should have bottlenecked that bridge...

Armies in adjacent tiles in the Strategic map can enter combat in the battle map. Here the battle takes place in turns, with the attacking army starting first. At any point during the battle, the attackers can withdraw by exiting at the ends of the map. The defenders however, have nowhere to retreat to, and must fight to the death.

Frostlings attempt to reclaim their town from the Undead

In battle, you cannot simply send your men in by the numbers. It is of utmost importance that you understand the combat stats of each of your units so that you can form a basis of your battle plan. Here is a quick summary of unit stats for beginners:

Sword = Attack Rating = Chance of hitting the enemy

Shield = Defense Rating = Chance of evading the enemy's attack

Star = Damage Rating = The base damage the unit deals

Ankh = Resistance Rating = The unit's resistance to magic

Boot = Movement Points = How far the unit can travel in one turn

Heart = Hit Points = How much health the unit has

Elves vs Goblins in the underground

The Battle map changes in respect to the terrain of the Strategic map. Some races fight better on favoured terrain whilst others fight poorly on unfavoured terrain. For example, the Frostling race loves their snow but hate fighting in the barren deserts of the Azracs.

The High Men mount a grassy siege upon the castles of the Lizard Men!

Castle sieging requires that you either destroy the walls or climb/fly over them to reach the defenders. Beware of the defending archers and war machines.

The Dwarves suffer massive casulties to the Azrac's Sacrificial Flame

Your hero's spells can mean the difference between life and death. A high levelled spell caster gains access to the higher tiered spells and can deal a crazy amount of splash damage. Alternatively, you could train your hero into a mighty warrior, capable of fighting entire armies singlehandedly or slaying giants or even dragons.

The Dwarves (me) and Elves (friend) achieve an Allied Victory

Finally, through Victory, Defeat or Surrender, you are taken to the Statistics Screen, which depicts a chronology of your achievements in separate categories. Was it your large armies and resources that won the day? Or was it your expert use of combat tactics, economic strategy and cunning diplomacy?


Download Now

Emperor Edition Version 1.2b New! (111 mb)


Emperor Edition Version 1.1 (111 mb)


Emperor Edition Version 1.0 (111 mb)


Version 1.4 (111 mb)


Version 1.3 (110 mb)



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