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Warning: This mod is unsuitable for ages 18 and under. It contains high violence and moderate nudity.



The project began on the 23rd of June, 2009. I grew tired of playing the same game over and over - Warcraft III DOTA, short for Defense of the Ancients. My friends on the other hand, just couldn't seem to get enough ot it.

I needed an escape. At least, some kind of game to mix lan parties up a bit. You can't seriously expect a normal, healthy human being to play the same game - let alone, the same map - over and over for 5 to 6 hours straight, can you?

(Alright, well maybe those guys can..)

Anyhow..the choice in other games was pretty limited. DOTA is a real time strategy game so that meant finding a game in a different genre..fps? rpg? tbs? Furthermore, not all our computers were top-notch. The best game some of the guys could play was pretty much Warcraft III.

So I decided that the old, classic Counter-strike 1.6 was a safe bet - everyone had played it before and I was certain that even the cheapest bastards who couldn't afford a good computer could handle it! The only problem was how to get them to return to such an outdated game.

And so I pondered. Counter-strike is a game where players pick a team to shoot the other team dead. There are objectives in the maps to mix things up a bit, like rescuing hostages or planting explosives, but ultimately it's all about killing people. At least DOTA had a bit more strategy involved - levelling up your hero, selecting which abilities and spells to upgrade, and purchasing items to defeat the enemy. And that was when it hit me. I needed those same elements in Counter-strike.

I recalled the days long past when I used to watch a friend play a Warcraft III mod for Counter-strike online. You could select from 4 different races or 4 different heroes: Undead, Human, Orc, Night Elf, Shadow Hunter, Warden, Blood Mage, or Crypt Lord. Each race/hero has their own special abilities, which are selectable on levelling. You level up when you gain enough experience and to gain experience, you either have to kill enemies, complete map objectives or have your team win the round. There are items for purchase, which you trade in money for.

I decided to look it up. That small little idea had me reading up on just about everything. The next thing I knew, I was learning about servers and administrators, scripts and codes, modules and plugins. I was lost in the sea of knowledge.

Fast forward to the 3rd of September, 2009, and I had ended up with something far greater than I could have ever possibly imagined.. I had created a monster.



Changes to weapons, player skins, gameplay, sounds, effects, hud & more!


Please Note!

This page was written on the 2nd of December, 2009, in regards to CSX version 2.4. The mod has been improved since, so what you seeing and reading here is an old and watered-down version of the current CSX. (Click here to visit the new CSX website)



Nine races to choose from:

  • Undead Scourge
  • Human Alliance
  • Orcish Horde
  • Night Elves of Kalimdor
  • Halfling Folk
  • High Elves of Terra
  • Order of the Magi
  • Demons of the Crypt
  • Ghosts of the Abyss


Items (revamped from original):

  • Ankh of Reincarnation
  • Boots of Speed
  • Blades of Attack
  • Planewalker's Cloak
  • Mask of Death
  • Linken's Sphere
  • Cranium Basher
  • Vitality Booster
  • Tome of Experience
  • Scroll of Respawning
  • Mole Protectant
  • Helm of Iron Will
  • Amulet of the Cat
  • Boots of Elvenskin
  • Refresher Orb
  • Ring of Regeneration +1
  • Chameleon
  • Mole

Game Physics

Blood is a darker and more realistic shade and blood sprays are more common but not to an excessive extent.

Explosion effects have been improved, giving grenades that extra oomph.

Armour resistance to bullets is now more realistically calculated. Armour now better protects the chest and torso region (and the head if a helmet is purchased), leaving arms and legs more vulnerable - as they should be.

The blast from a HE grenade has been altered for realism. Those closest to the center of the blast will literally fly several feet in the air - sometimes the explosion won't kill you, but the force of it can. Any nearby weapons will also fly outwards due to the blast.


Bullets that whizz by your head will now sound like they really do. You'll feel like you're part of The Matrix.

Weapons dropped onto the ground now obey proper physics. Weapons won't simply drop at your feet flat like a brick but will now drop at the inclined angle, clattering to a halt.

Weapons on the ground are now displayed at the proper angle - a glitch in the original CS caused them to sink into any ramps/slopes/stairs, making it look like gun barrels sticking out of the ground. This will make weapons lie flat on any slant.

Reloading your gun will have to wait - you'll need to use the most of the clip already loaded in the gun otherwise lose the remaining bullets. This enhances the realism to a new level - seen in games such as the battlefield series.

Flashbangs now deafen as well as blind. The deaf effect lasts several seconds, after which a piercing concussion-like sound brings your hearing back into the game. This is identical to the one in CS:Source. (I'm proud to say that this was my own personal code and one of my greatest feats. Though I'm unable to reproduce the blurred vision from Source, I'm pretty much satisfied just having the deaf effect mastered.)

When shooting, guns light up the area to a certain degree. This effect isn't very apparent in light outdoor areas such as de_dust, but looks devilishly gorgeous in dark rooms or tunnels.



Game play

Map objectives and timer have been removed, so certain maps are more balanced and there is more freedom to roam around and not camp near the objectives all day.

Like CS Source, guns are automatically loaded with ammo on purchase, freeing you from that repetitive and tedious act of buying ammo.

On round end, you'll no longer need to reload for the new round. Your half-empty gun will be fully loaded without any cost at the start of the next round.

When enemies are dealt a high amount of damage, whether it be a grenade, desert eagle, shotgun, sniple rifle, or headshot, their body will explode into chunks of flesh and bones.

Who said you can't be a VIP? For those having trouble staying alive, you can now purchase a second layer of armour - increasing your maximum armour to 200. An extra $1000 is necessary for the extra 100 armour.

I've created a map rotation list of the most popular CS maps and some favourites - from dust to italy, vertigo to inferno, plus maya, italian, sandstand and spania. Every 30 mins, players vote for the next map or to extend the current map for another 15 mins.




All grenades have a colored trail when thrown. HE grenade trails are red, flashbangs are blue and smokes are green. Special Orc HE grenades are a darker red.

HE Grenades will deafen any players who get caught in the blast, similar to the flashbang effect. When a player is killed by a grenade, his or her body will not only explode into chunks of flesh and bones, but also accompanied with a spray of blood particles into the air. In addition, HE grenades can now set nearby enemies alight, burning those caught in the blast.

Flashbangs will deafen any unfortunate victims. They no longer just blind victims with a white screen - the colour is now random.

Smoke grenades will choke any enemies who stay in the vicinity too long and health loss is permanent. You can sense enemies entering the smoke by their choking gasps for breath. Just like flashbangs, each grenade colour is random so don't expect the usual grey mist each time. Now that smoke grenades can kill enemies and can be used more tactically, you are no longer limited to 1 smoke grenade but 2 at any time during the game.



Fun Stuff

Karaoke! At the press of a button, you can bring up the karaoke menu. Now you can sing along to your favourite classics while you shoot your enemies dead! I have inputted 177 songs, which equates to roughly 8-10 hours of game play if played from start to finish.

New skins - no I'm not talking about the new look of the guns or players, or the GUI hud or radar (which is already obvious from the screens), I'm talking about special player models. At the press of a button, you can change any player's skin to a Resident Evil model, Left 4 dead model, or some random hot chick. You could even decide to look like a monster!

New Knives - Over 60 knives are available at the press of a button. Select the one which best suits you. Knives come with custom sounds and animations.

Like a challenge? I've created some monstrous bots in the game - I call them my Godlike bots. By typing 2 words into the console, you have a bot with a LOT of hp, extra speed and a knife. He will charge at enemies with a knife and only a knife. But if you piss him off too long, he'll bring out his big gun. You can tell which bot is the godlike one just by their special player skin.

As a DOTA player, I love the announcement of kill streaks. An announcer will call out to every player when a certain player reaches a number of consecutive kills in a row without dying. Can you become Godlike?


Last but not anywhere near least, I've added in a couple of special pictures to the most popular CS maps. To be precise, I've placed 161 of these pictures into my map rotation list of my favourite 16 maps. If you're still wondering what kind of pictures they are, well let me just say this: What could be more fun than a game with hot girls and guns?


More Pictures!

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New Website!

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- Thirsk

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