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Warning: This mod is unsuitable for ages 18 and under. It contains high violence and explicit nudity.



Yep...they're still playing DOTA.

I guess a first-person-shooter would only be fun if the player was able to kill hundreds of guys instead of killing one guy and dying to the very next.

With that in mind, I decided to up the ante a bit...I transformed my CS-X Warcraft mod back into a campaign/versus CS-Zombie mod (based on the prototype mod I made in July 09.)

Using the same improved game physics from CS-X, I added a few more neat touches to make it the ultimate DOTA-killer. And it turned out extremely well.


Gameplay: Campaign

Survivors vs Zombies. Zombies are controlled by bots, while all human players join the survivors.

Zombies may only knife, whilst survivors can use any weapon at their disposal.

To win the round and advance to the next map, Survivors must slay all the Zombies in the map. The campaign consists of 20 maps in total.

Each map has two Zombie Bosses with their own distinct look. They have plenty of hp and are faster than your average zombie. Their hp and speed increases with respect to the number of human players in the game.

All zombies respawn after a countdown timer, which again changes with respect to the number of human players in the game. Once a Zombie Boss has been killed, they will respawn later with the same hp and speed as an ordinary zombie.


Gameplay: Versus

Survivors vs Zombies.

Zombies may only knife, whilst survivors can use any weapon at their disposal.

Survivors win if they survive for 5 minutes. Zombies win if they kill all survivors.

All zombies have infinite respawns, respawning anywhere in the map after a number of seconds.

Zombies have silent footsteps and extra speed & hit points.

Some Outdated Screens v1.2

Update v1.2: Guns, arms and glove textures have been improved, whilst retaining the new reloading/drawing gun animations - all at a low and LAGLESS poly size count.

And if you've noticed the picture, don't be sad. That's one of the tamest pictures in the game. When I say that this mod is for ages 18+, I mean it (Won't show any here because of obvious reasons.)


When not in use, primary weapons are kept on the player's back, like in CS Source. Also, each player can change his/her text colour.


Don't underestimate the Zombies. They like to strafe from side to side and circle you before eventually making fresh meat out of you.

Also, all Terrorist guns are available for purchase in the buy menu (since you are technically a CT and it just wouldn't be fun without AK47's).


Behold, the power of a perfectly placed Molotov Cocktail. Yes, they are purchaseable from the buy menu.


Be careful of weapon jams. The last place you want to be when your weapon jams is in a tight corner. Every bullet shot has a 0.05% chance of jamming the gun barrel. Press "E" to unjam.


Shields provide absolute cover against a frontal zombie charge, but you risk leaving your meaty back exposed.

In this screen, the zombies are in flames due to a Holy Hand Grenade - a meaner and more expensive version of the original HE grenade. Purchaseable from the buy menu.


With the continuous waves of zombies, each round can last a life-time. At the end of it all, the terrain usually looks a little like this.

If you've got really keen eyes, you might have noticed a dark blue laser shooting up into the sky behind the building. That's not a glitch - it's the laser drawn from the Toxic Tripmine, which some idiot had placed on the ground incorrectly. Damn noobs.


New Screenshots!

View Here




Latest Updates

v1.5b (5th Sep)

-Ported over the CSX Lockdown expansion pack for use in CS-Z

-Replaced Kaili & Angelina with Manuela & Ashley. Added all missing player descriptions and fixed all weapon names

-Improved the Survivors knife glove and skin

-Finally uploaded images to the photo gallery


v1.5 (5th May)

-Added 6 new Survivor models (hot chicks) to the menu selection

-Added player spawns to default maps to allow 32 players on smaller maps

-Added alternating spawns so that each round, both teams swap their spawn points


v1.4 (28th Apr)

-Unlocked the Zombie team so you can now also play as the Zombies. All non-AI (human players) Zombies are Bosses with 800 health, no footstep noise and extra speed

-Added 18 Zombies models to the menu selection

-Upgraded the zombie respawn system (no longer crashes)

-Changed the Buy Icon to a cooler blue colour

-Added a code to remove dropped guns in the map after 20 seconds (to reduce lag)


Minor Changes:

-Increased bazooka sound by 10 Amps


v1.3 (5th Mar)

-Enabled dead humans to chat to alive players

-Locked the Zombie team so all humans must play as the Survivors

-Added Hp regeneration of 2 hp each 3 seconds

-Doubled the maximum ammo capacity for each gun for trigger-happy Survivors


v1.2 (21st Feb)

-Changed Terrorist/CT win sounds into L4D sounds

-Added zombie hands model when viewing zombies

-Added L4D radio commands to override Z,X,C radio commands

-Retextured all guns to look better

-Added new scopes to each gun

-Flipped left-handed models to the right hand

-Added Holy Hand Grenade, Toxic Tripmine (replaces smoke), Molotov Cocktail, and RPG to the buy menu

-Added two new knives to the knife menu and increased volume of knife effects

-Added a colour chat menu for each player

-Added optional Expert mode, where one knife hit will kill, whilst zombies are invulnerable to knives.


Minor Changes:

-Reduced the weapon jam frequency from 0.08% chance to 0.05% chance

-Removed bind key for mma for clients

-Reduced maximum HE grenades carry from 2 to 1 per person

-Denied the drop of the RPG

-Removed spare zombie bosses to make room for new weapons

-Edited instructions for grenade use in buy menu

-Removed some short and unpopular songs


v1.1 (11th Feb)

-Added a flame kill icon

-Added L4D reloading voices

-Inserted Terrorist guns into the buy menu

-Inserted a revive kit into the buy menu

-Enabled friendly fire

-Changed the skies from daytime to night time for each map

-Made better vgui pictures for the equipments in the buy menu eg. kevlar +armour, and all grenades

-Made an installation file compressing the 1.2 GB worth of 8500+ files to a single 650MBs file


Minor Changes:

-Removed the dark RE mansion map since it was too hard on the eyes

-Removed the infiltrate startup music for each map

-Removed the gamestartup music when first entering the game


v1.0 (3rd Feb 10)

-Project began.

-Introduced randomising code of 18+ pictures to each map

-Added music menu with music from Resident Evil 4/5/Movie, 28 Weeks Later etc.

-Changed the menu background to a zombie wallpaper

-Re-added custom knives menu



Minor Changes:

-Edited bind keys from the CS-X mod to fit in CS-Z

-Disabled a few unnecessary plugins not required in a zombie game

-Fixed player model transparencies from CS-X

-Removed flickering and custom flashlight

-Deleted some laggy hi-model count maps for improved server performance



Known Bugs

Reviving players in very small crowded rooms sometimes fails (rare)

When standing in the zombie respawn zone when zombies respawn, server may/may not crash (rare) [FIXED]

If using too much bandwidth or downloading in background, client may be disconnected from the server

Windows Vista may have some freeze issues [FIXED by disabling Windows Data-Execution Prevention in System Advanced Properties]



To Do List

Add rambo bow and arrow and dual deagle and MP5's to buy menu

Insert new randomising skies

Make a story for mapcycle

Change the sprite of flashbang to read as frost grenade


- Thirsk

06/03/10 · 9:17pm

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