A Tribute to Resident Evil




From the Hive, the Mansion Incident, to the outbreak of the T Virus in Raccoon City, bring down the treacherous Umbrella Corporation through blood, sweat and guns.

Re-live the horror all over again, from the eyes of Rebecca C, Jill V, Chris R and Leon S.K.



I made a Resident Evil co-op mod for CS 1.6 sometime in July. You get to choose from four different S.T.A.R.S characters: Rebecca, Jill, Leon and Chris. Your mission is to get through 10 chapters (maps) - in each chapters, you need to kill every zombie (different skins) in order to advance. But it isn't that simple.

Although zombies can only slash and claw, they each have about 500 hit points. In every map, there is a zombie boss (changes each level) - with extra speed and thousands of hit points. All map lighting has been reduced (preview images on this page have not been darkened) so you will need to rely on flashlights alot. Flashlights run out more frequently and need to be turned off to recharge. You can no longer see your health - you can tell if you're low if you leave a trail of blood behind. And last but not least, whilst shooting, there is a small chance that your gun will jam - sometimes at the worst possible times.

It took me a fair deal of research to find the best maps that captured that resident evil feel. I needed maps with alot of running room, gloomy lighting and a setting that would fit well into an ongoing storyline.

My idea was to provide the player with a short synopsis of every map - in the map descriptions. Unfortunately, there is a character restriction in the map descriptions so I had to keep the story short and concise, whilst still contributing to that gloomy atmosphere.

It worked well but due to lack of fans, I stopped work on the project and turned my sights onto a Warcraft CS 1.6 modification. In the end, I wrote 9 out of 10 map descriptions and added character biographies for the player selection menu. As an unfinished project, I sometimes look back and wonder what it could have been. Here you'll find a collection of thoughts and emotions from each character's personal account of the zombie outbreak.



Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers was a rookie member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, with experience in the field of biochemistry. She became the unit's youngest (and most inexperienced) member which made her quite nervous around her teammates.

She is the sole survivor of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, and also one of the four former S.T.A.R.S. members still alive.


Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine was a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team in Raccoon City alongside fellow operative Chris Redfield. Surviving both the Mansion Incident and the downfall of Raccoon City in 1998, Jill later joined the B.S.A.A. organisation with Chris in the fight against bioterrorist plots. She is an intelligent woman with impeccable judgement and quick thinking.


Chris Redfield

A former member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Chris is a tough guy with nerves of steel and an aptitude for weaponry. Chris's knowledge, instinct, and attack power are unparalleled within the B.S.A.A., and years of experience has given him the ability to wield a variety of weapons.

Since Umbrella's downfall, he has fought several biological threats throughout the world, but with the hard fought victories has also come devastating tragedies.


Leon Scott Kennedy

During the events of September 1998, Leon Scott Kennedy was a rookie police officer who arrived in Raccoon City for his first day on the job, only to confront the T-virus outbreak first hand.

He survived the incident.

Later, Leon became a member of an underground anti-Umbrella organization. Six years after the Raccoon City incident, Leon became a secret agent for the U.S. government assigned to protect the U.S. President's family.



Chapter I: The HIVE

By Rebecca Chambers


July 23, 1998.

This is yet another entry in the journal I've kept since my time with the R.P.D, S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team.

As I write, we are being transported via helicopter to investigate a loss in communication with an underground research facility deep in the Arklay Mountains. This incident follows a series of grisly murders reported in the area only days earlier.

I'm told that the research facility is situated beneath a secluded mansion and is owned by the Umbrella Corp..which is kind of perplexing. I mean, why would a major corporation dealing in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and even cosmetics require so much secrecy?

It isn't long now before we reach our destination..the turbulence is making it exceedingly hard to write. Granted, I'd probably be far from the scene as most medics are, yet I can't help but feel a cold, vice-like chill down my spine.

If for some reason you are reading this and there are no further entries, then your guess is as good as mine..


Signing out,




Chapter II: The Mansion

By Jill Valentine


July 24, 1998.

I thought I heard something, but it must have been my imagination. It's been just over an hour since we lost all contact with Bravo Team.

And it has only been a few minutes since I was saved by Chris from a pack of bloodthirsty hounds.

I'm often told that one of my best qualities as a S.T.A.R.S member is my composure during missions but right now, the look on Joseph's face before he was torn apart keeps flashing in my mind. The very thought of it makes me afraid of losing control over my stomach..

..but I have to stay focused.

Our mission is to find Bravo Team and continue the investigation but right now we're trapped in an abandoned mansion. Our team leader, Wesker, decided that we should split up and search for a way out.

So far, I've just been wandering through empty hallways, hearing nothing but my dumb thoughts running through my mind..


I heard it again. Some kind of scuffling noise..

But it doesn't sound human..


Jill Valentine
S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team


Chapter III: The Graveyard

By Chris Redfield


July 25, 1998.

"Oh God...I found Bravo Team..." - were the last coherent words we heard over the radio.

We managed to survive the mansion but we've lost contact with headquarters.

My name is Chris Redfield and I am one of the few S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team members remaining. Our leader went missing sometime during the bloody incursion. It seems that there was some kind of viral breakout in the underground research facility, which explains the cannabalistic nature of the wild animals surrounding the mansion.

But to think that this virus can evoke the same effect in humans..what the hell was Umbrella researching down there??

We've been travelling this path through the woods for some time now. We'll need to find a wide area if we're to call in a chopper. At least some place with better reception.

Looks like a clearing up ahead. Graveyard or not, we might be in some luck after all.


S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team


Chapter IV: The Safehouse

By Jill Valentine


July 25, 1998.

I couldn't count how many there were.

We just kept running and shooting.

Barry's not in good shape - one of them bit into his shoulder while he was covering our escape.

Fortunately, there was an empty chapel nearby. Sprinting as fast as we could through the maze of gravestones and catacombs, we rounded the building and blasted the lock open on the wooden doors.

The next few minutes felt like the longest of my life. With our backs pressed against the closed doors, we could hear grotesque sounds like the snarls or sniffs from wolves tracking their prey.

After what seemed like an eternity, the cacophonous noises diminished, and we could regain our breaths. Since then, we've turned off all radio and kept our voices down to low whispers.

In retrospect, it was disturbingly odd how we were caught with our backs to them; however, even more disturbing was the discovery of numerous guns in the chapel..

All laid out in perfect order..

It's as if they knew we were coming.


Jill Valentine

Chapter V: Old Houses

By Chris Redfield


July 25, 1998.

Barry is dead. Our radio is down. We were ambushed in the graveyard...and the chapel was a bloodbath.

Whatever is happening, it's no mere coincidence. Someone is behind all of this, pulling the strings.

There's only Jill and I left now.

Two teary-eyed soldiers.

We've reached the outskirts of Raccoon City so there is still hope - still time to warn them before this becomes a nation-wide epidemic.

The last thing I want is for others to go through the same predicament..

..when Barry became just like one of them and turned on us. Jill was preoccupied and hadn't realised when he dropped his gun.

In that moment, time seemed to slow and amidst the blaring gunfire and morbid groans, I heard my own voice cry out in protest..

All the years I served with Barry in the U.S.A.F flashed before my eyes in that split second I held his life down my sight..

I couldn't pull the trigger until the final moment.

Had it been me he was after, I would've died..

Forgive me, old pal.




Chapter VI: The Forest Beyond

By Rebecca Chambers


July 25, 1998.

I couldn't believe it when I first saw them. I almost fired my pistol at them out of fright. Since we're from different teams, I wasn't all that close with Chris and Jill to begin with..but I ran up in tears to hug the two of them anyways.

How's that for an embarrassing first mission?

Well at least we're as close as family now, having been through the same traumatic ordeals. The two of them can be the loving parents and I can be their adored dearest daughter..ok, I have to stop sprouting fantasies.

But I do need to distract myself from the previous events..plus they do look cute together :)

This path we're taking now leads us directly to the place we call home. I feel alot safer with them around. Chris says that with some luck, we can make it back by sunrise alive. But when he said that, I noticed a forlorn hope in his eyes..I wonder what's driving him on.

For me, it's just to get out of these woods..

Feels like we're being watched.


Yours truly,



Chapter VII: Urban Suburbia

By Leon S. Kennedy


8:44 pm

September 29, 1998.

"So you some kinda cop?" The taxi driver glanced back, eyes nervously fixed on my holstered sidearm.

"The one and only," is what I'd like to say, but I'm still only a rookie. "Yea," I replied casually, watching the empty streets go by.

My name's Leon. I've just graduated from the police academy and am now making my way to Raccoon City to work for the R.P.D Select Police Force division.

Finally I'm about to receive my first assignment.

I was staring at what seemed like a hand print of red paint on a brick wall when the car began to slow down to a halt.

A U.S. Military road blockade. But no signs of life enforcing it. It was then that I realised how strangely quiet the neighbourhood was. Something's wrong.

"Here's fifty," I said, dropping a note into the driver's hands. "Keep the change."

I stepped out of the car, pulling in the collars of my brown leather jacket.

"You crazy Americans" was the last thing I heard before the car rolled out of sight.




Chapter VIII: Pandemonium

By Claire Redfield


9:10 pm

September 29, 1998.

I was on my way to the city when it happened.

The bus driver swore abruptly and spun hard on the wheel, as if trying to avoid an obstacle in the middle of the road.

All I can recall next was pulling myself out of the wreckage, pressing back the blood from my head.

There were bodies everywhere. Blood and flames. Broken glass. People screaming and running frantically in different directions. Like right out of a horror movie, a badly mutilated figure lurched towards me. Before I could react, a deafening gunshot rang in the distance.

The body slumped to the ground.

Then I saw him standing amidst the chaos. His eyes piercing through the smoke. His arms extended, fingerless gloves gripping a silver pistol.

He yelled out but I couldn't hear.

"I have to find my brother!" I replied defiantly.

I explained that I was on my way to the city. He nodded, drawing close while calmly firing off more rounds.

"Stay close and follow me" was all he said.


Claire Redfield


Chapter IX: Raccoon City

An unlikely reunion


10:20 pm

September 29, 1998.

They ran quietly down the streets, keeping to the shadows and pressing through smoke and fog. From the number of mangled bodies, it was clear that the city was hit the hardest.

He knew that when her eyes widened as she ran forth into the night, she'd finally found who she was looking for.

As Leon made his way onto the road, he found her embraced in the arms of her older brother.

"Thanks for looking after Claire," he said, extending a hand. "The name's Chris."


No sooner had they shaken hands, realisation dawned upon them, leaving Claire puzzled.

"You're pretty late, rookie."

Leon eased his way into a shrug, affording a faint smile. "Guess that's the local's way of breaking the ice."

Chris smirked. "Welcome to the team. I'll introduce you to the others later. Ever used a gun?"

"You mean real bullets?"

Chris detached a sub-machinegun off his back and tossed it to the rookie. "Real bullets or not, I hope you shoot as well as you talk. Let's go."


- Thirsk

19/12/09 · 3:26pm

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