Accepting Members!

Post Date: 29-10-2009 · Thursday 11:55pm

imageHurray! We've finally built a Kawaii Clubhouse for members only! We're a little short on numbers so just about anyone will do - that means you!

Don't be shy and we won't bite! (see left).

More stuff coming soon!

The Apocalypse Returns!

Post Date: 27-10-2009 · Tuesday 9:52pm

imageAnother big update just rolled into town!

I've updated the manga, anime and stories pages so you'll no longer have to put up with that "Coming Soon!" sign. I've even added a special bonus - an old story I wrote seven years ago!

Here's a short synopsis:

The prophecy has spoken! The second coming of the Apocalypse will spell doom to mankind unless a hero known as "the One" defeats him in a death duel.

It is up to a few of Sefton High students to stand up to him, and save the world before it is too late!

The original, fast-paced story that follows The Matrix by an inch of an inch.
This is action and comedy at its best!

So head over to the Stories department and get your reading caps on!

Mada Mada!

Post Date: 26-10-2009 · Monday 4:51pm

imageFinally! The sample pages for best LAN games are completed! Now I can move onto bigger and better things..perhaps it's time to visit the anime section.. muahahahahaha!

Well it turns out the shoutbox was still mada mada so I took it off instead. Also, I've stashed away all old news into the October Archives, so if anyone misses anything (doubtful since there's no one reading this), they're all in there.

What else is new? I finally got myself a full driver license!

ShoutBox & Games

Post Date: 24-10-2009 · Saturday 10.44pm

imageUgh..haven't updated for so long and am now feeling somewhat guilty. I've been distracted by work and anime. As my punishment, I'll be working on this site for the next couple of days..

There's still not much but feel free to check out the updated Games Archives and my new shoutbox.

New Left 4 Dead Training Ground!

Post Date: 19-10-2009 · Monday 5:20pm

image I'm proud to present to you all my Left 4 Dead strategy guide! In the end I felt that this is probably where all the buzz is these days, now that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out on November 17th.

Hopefully this new update will spark some interest and get almighty Google to add me to their search engine already! Next release will again be in the games department. Till then, good hunting!

First Update Excitement!

Post Date: 18-10-2009 · Sunday 3:40pm

image There's a new update in town, on the very same day of creating this website! Right now I'm pretty much talking to myself because there are no visitors :( ..but like they say, patience is a virtue.

To be honest, I'm at a loss for where to begin adding content. Manga, anime, games or stories?! Also should I be adding in a visitors counter or perhaps maybe some extra backgrounds? Guess only time will tell..

Welcome Everyone

Post Date: 18-10-2009 · Sunday 12:37am

image Welcome to Thirsk's homepage!

Alright so I've got nothing in this so far..but at least the layout is complete. Damned Shoutbox is much too big to fit on the right hand side so I've made it a guestbook instead, lol.

Oh and feel free to sign it!

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