CS 2.0 Stable

Post Date: 10-12-2009 · Thursday 1.27pm

imageYep, it's been a long time since the last update but don't worry, I'm back!

After my exam, I've just been a little distracted by a bit of Left 4 Dead 2 and graphics designing - 3D modelling to be exact. How on earth I got into that remains a mystery, lol. Although I've written up a new page about my private CS server, I've been too lazy to upload it so here it is!

Major Set Back

Post Date: 15-11-2009 · Sunday 5:28pm

imageIt's been 2 weeks already and still no updates! This time however, has nothing to do with my being distracted but more to do with a bigger, crazier obstacle - a final exam!

I should be studying right now but the thought of it is so boring that I can't help but procrastinate - argh! Just when things were really kicking off..oh well, in a week's time it should be over and everything would return to normal... Maybe.

New Themes!

Post Date: 01-11-2009 · Sunday 9:12pm

imageYes, new themes!

I've been soo sick of seeing the same background images that I decided that enough is enough - it must be changed!

You can now change to your preferred theme via the menu link on the homepage. Only one is available at the moment but I will be adding more shortly so stick around!

Ps. Thanks to all who have joined this site! With your support, we can become even more Kawaii than ever before!

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