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Yes, my stories are that bad


I wrote most of these during my high school years. The whole idea came to me back in year 10 (2002), when I wanted to attract more attention to my second website (you're currently in my third website). A story with all my friends in it.

So I began writing about the first things that came to mind. Back then, I liked The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Starship Troopers. So I thought, let's mash them all together.

In about 3 and a half hours, I had written 18 handwritten A4 pages and completed my first story, The Apocalypse. It was a major success!

Everyone began talking about it at school, asking me why they had to die in the story or why they weren't in it..their favourite parts and the funniest parts..etc etc.


Yea. I was completely pumped up. Fueled by their encouragement and demands for new stories, I wrote up a second one..from memory it was about 27 handwritten A4 pages: The Return of Diablo.

Back then, everyone was into Diablo 2, so I wrote a story about Diablo 3 being released as a virtual reality 4D game and us being trapped in the Diablo world due to a glitch.

The concept was good but the execution, uh..perhaps not so good, lol.

Nevertheless, I still had quite a reasonable fanclub after that sequel flop. There were more and more people who were taking notice of my stories and as a result, I was forced to make another one with the whole lot of friends in it. Part of me also wanted to let go of that shocking sequel.

I then wrote Time Trigger, which was at the time, the biggest and most ambitious story yet - almost 40 handwritten A4 pages.

This time, the story revolved around an ancient artifact known as the Time Trigger - basically a time machine, guarded by some secret tribe. It falls in the wrong hands somehow (somehow but I'm not going to tell you how) and it is up to the prophesied one to reclaim it.

It turned out alright, but you know what they say: You just can't beat the original and the best.

For some reason, I stopped writing stories then. It was year 11 and I think I was hooked onto making starcraft maps at that time. Though the stories were still just as popular a year later and some were continuously bugging me to keep writing, I waved them off and kept on working on starcraft maps.


In year 12, however, I gave up on map-making. I'd made 17 maps and had no plans on making any more. So I finally decided to return to the drawing board, and was in the process of writing a comeback story for all my faithful fans - Black Friday.

It was too bad though because I never really finished it; the damned year 12 trial exams beat me to it. I had written about 125 A4 pages on a pad of paper but the thrill of it was gone after the endless waves of exams known as the HSC. I never had the motivation to even transfer it onto the computer after that.


Fast forward to my first year in university - I was alone in my dorm room in a place three and a half hours away from home. Ah, what better thing to do in the dead of the night than to write a short story for seriously, lol.

I remember being quite annoyed at the ending of an anime series called Trigun. Because it never really ended! Back then I had no idea how to even find manga, so I resorted to writing up my own continuation of the series. It was a success but rather short-lived.

When a rival fanfiction writer of the Trigun series read my story, she liked it to the point of copying my ideas for her own stories. I was so frustrated about it that I really wanted to block her IP address from accessing my story or blocking her username - neither would have worked because she could simply log in as an anonymous guest. So I decided to give up on it instead.


And that's where it all ended.. Besides these, I did write a couple of short stories or prose for fun but I can't really be bothered to find them or type them all up.

Fortunately, that's not it for me. I'm planning on another big story soon - a story set in the real world with my current clique of friends when a doomsday catastrophe ala "28 weeks later" hits the world. It's a what-if situation if we were caught in a zombie outbreak and I plan on making it a true epic.

For now, enjoy my old stories and do be warned - they're that bad.

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