The Apocalypse

© Copyright 2002 by dsh

Legend told of a Myth. Myth told of a Prophecy. Prophecy told of a 2nd coming. The coming of the Apocalypse... and the end of the world.

Somewhere in Africa..
12 March 2002

He ran through the jungle, not daring to look behind. Sweat ran down his face. Blood trailed from his leg. It was hunting him now and he knew it.

He ran so fast that leaves cut through his rugged clothes and scraped deeply upon his shoulders. But that did not stop him.

He ran so so fast that finally his sandals hit a wide tree root, causing him to stumble to the ground. For a moment he lied on his side in bitter pain not noticing that his sandals and clothing had both been torn. For a while he sat to ease his dazed aching head, which was bleeding from a large gash above his brows. Then came the loud silence.

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