Trigun ep 27: Hunted




Nothing could be heard outside the small village that lied 200 iles from LR.

Nothing but the gentle gust of wind.. and the treading sound of footsteps.

Bright sunlight shone easily through the cloudless, blue sky, high above them, while the figure dressed in brown and black moved slowly through the arid desert, passing cliffs and rock formations.

He was walking, clutching the limp body swung over his shoulder.. and allowing his vision of the desert land before him to merge with memories…


A pair of eyes peered deep into his soul.

A brightening glow..

Tears that ran down her cheeks.

.. A blinding explosion.

From afar, the only hint that there were two souls beyond the village, was a diminutive speck of light. The eyes that hid behind the glaring orange shades closed with concentration.

No one has the right to take the life of another.

He understood it now, the very last words she had told him. It had never made sense all these years, but finally he knew the answer to it. He would walk his own path by depending less on what his memory tells him, and more on what his heart and mind believes. Not that she was ever wrong in her beliefs. But because Rem had wanted him to discover life for himself. He should have realised it earlier, from his experiences, from the people he met. But before he could live his life the way he always wanted, there was still one thing left to do. He glanced slightly over his shoulder.

In time, Knives’ wounds would heal…

…and the terror would start all over again.


Moments earlier..

Silence made up the interior of the metal-plated ship...

The controls lay untouched, the tables and chairs were empty, and all that was living stayed dormant in horizontal, cylindrical tubes.

Beyond these rooms and the doors, were the walkways of the ship – luxuriously wide and bare. On one such walkway, where the thick glass windows trailed endlessly down the side of the ship, stood a single figure...

He was a man with an extensive, pale face, drabbed in a smooth, black cape that came down to his shoes. Faced towards the window, with his back towards the sleeping quarters, he stood staring at the desolate void that made up the universe’s outer space.

Darkness was everywhere. There was nothing new to be seen.

Before him, the large desert planet seemed empty of any sign of life. Life... he wondered, what kind of life forms were there on that sandy planet? Of course, his master had promised him that there were plenty available. Just like on Earth... the planet they had left from, a long time ago.

Just thinking about it made him hungry, but no matter how pale he was, he would place his master’s wishes before his own. He was growing tired, but kept watch over the planet. Soon, he would be on there. Feeding to his heart’s content. Fulfilling his master’s orders once again.

He stood in silence, staring at the planet. Desert was almost everywhere. There was a portion of the land that appeared to have some colour... almost green to the eye, but he could not be sure. Trees and plants were the entities only found in places like Earth. Other than that, he found numerous dust storms across the planet. They were whirlwinds of sand and dust, giving the deserts a cloudy appearance.

He was about to close his eyes and sleep when he saw an enormous globe of light generated from one of the deserts. His eyes widened in revelation, and he wondered what could have caused it.

As fast as he could, he raced into the sleeping quarters and woke up his master. He led him to the window, and his master watched closely.

A mix.

A blend of white and black formed the heart of the explosions that took place somewhere out in the desert field. They had almost missed it, but fortunately, it had occurred again.

When it finally died down, they could easily tell where it originated. The large crater told them all that they needed to know.

Although his master did not say anything, he knew that he was pleased.

‘Finally, I’ve found you... Vash and Knives.’

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